Signature Skirt

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Midi, circle skirt featuring a high waist and side zip closure.


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Size Waist (inches) Hips (inches)
XS 25 35
S 26.5 36.5
M 28 38
L 30 40
XL 32 42


There is no better feeling than feeling like a millions bucks in the clothing you choose. This skirt is just that!

  • Pocket space for phone, wallet, and most importantly lipstick!
  • Men have powersuits and ties, this is that powerskirt!
  • The shape of it creates a beautiful silhouette
  • The material quality is comfortable but even more importantly elegant
  • The skirt made my day and made me look and feel good, highly recommend it

“I purchase a skirt with pockets from Pocket Passionista! I love to wear it a lot with my long black boots and the pockets are deep for keys and my cell phone, the best part is that no one has ever noticed it there. I recommend the skirt for anyone that loves pockets with a dressy classy style!! I’m looking forward to more styles and colors in dresses and skirts from Pocket Passionista!”

“This skirt gave my figure the hour-glass illusion without being a pencil skirt. The black goes with nearly everything in my closet and the ribbed material has a quality feel. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the usefulness of its magnificent and deep pockets. Thanks, Pocket Passionista.”


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